Company History & Vision

Rainbow Tool & Machine in Rainbow City, Alabama has been machining precision parts, die building and servicing our customers for over 30 years. Our service, experience and dedication have given us the opportunity to serve many industries, including automotive, appliance, wind energy and food service. Rainbow Tool & Machine has grown into a 16,000 feet facility with thirty plus employees specializing in die building, die repair and precision machining.

Each member of our team has over twenty years of experience in die building and repair. Our sales staff and engineers are dedicated to meet our customers needs by communicating, problem solving and engineering solutions for each and every project. Rainbow Tool & Machine is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers requirements and expectations.

Quality has been and will continue to be the number one factor behind the success of Rainbow Tool and the customers we serve. We have a quality management system certified to the ISO9001/2018 requirements that is continuously monitored and controlled by a full time quality assurance manager. Our management team takes great pride in the quality of our work and all of our employees are committed to providing our customers with on time delivery of quality products and services.

Mission Statement

Rainbow Tool and Machine Co., Inc., is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvements of its products, services and the quality management system.

Registered to ISO 9001_ANAB_blue